Set Of 16 Flexible Silicone Shoelaces


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Classic shoelaces:
Annoying to tie each and every time you put your shoes on;
You have to hide the laces inside the shoe;
They get dirty very easily and they’re difficult to clean.

All that hassle stops today!

With the new, flexible, silicone shoelaces:
You just put your shoes on and you’re ready to go, you don’t have to tie your shoelace;
No extra laces left to hide inside the shoe;
Very easy to clean.

Gender: Unisex
Style: Casual
Material: Silicone
Season: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter

Shipping time: 12-20 days order processing time (max 5 business days)

Package content: 1x Set of 16 Flexible Silicone Shoelaces


Black, Blue, Gray, Green, Pink, Rainbow, Red, White, Yellow