USB Portable Baby Bottle Warmer


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Never worry about your baby’s milk going cold again.
Our USB Portable Baby Bottle Warmer is perfect for keeping your toddler’s milk warm
at home or while you’re travelling.
Just plug it into any power bank or other available charging device
and let the magic begin.

Keeps The Bottle Warm
Our bottle warmer will maintain your baby’s milk at a constant temperature
and won’t let it get cold.

Easy & Safe To Use
Designed to bring comfort to babies’ and parents’ lives,
the USB Portable Baby Bottle Warmer is perfect anywhere: at home, in the park,
in the car, while shopping or travelling.

Time Saver
It’s exhausting to keep checking the temperature of the milk in the bottle,
not to mention you have to use a stove or microwave oven
to heat it every time your baby needs to be fed.
With our bottle warmer the milk stays at a constant temperature,
not too hot and not too cold.

Efficient & Reliable
Warms milk evenly and retains heat for hours
at the perfect temperature for your little one.

High Mobility
Thanks to the USB charger, you can take it everywhere you go.
Just plug it into any power bank, laptop, car adapter or other available charging device.

Enjoy More Sleep
If your baby wakes up in the middle of the night, the bottle will be warm and ready for feeding.
No need to go all the way to the kitchen and prepare the milk or heat it up.

Suits Most Feeding Bottles
Our USB Portable Baby Bottle Warmer is adjustable
and fits 99% of baby feeding bottles on the market, up to 500ml.

Easy Washing & Cleaning
The cloth cover can be easily removed and hand or machine washed.
Make sure you separate the heating sheet from the cloth cover.



✘ Think of all the time you waste heating the milk on the stove
or in the microwave oven every time your baby needs to be fed.

✘ Milk’s composition changes when you heat it using a microwave oven,
causing it to lose its nutrients and antibodies.

✘ Heating milk in a microwave can also cause awful heat distribution
and burn your toddler’s mouth.



Material: Cotton, Spandex
Size: 28×13 cm / 11×5.11 in
Heating power: 5W
Power input: 5V/1A
Weight: 44g


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Power Source

Rechargeable Battery

Model Number

USB Milk Water Warmer

Material Feature

BPA Free


Warmers & Sterilizers

Disinfection time

3 minutes